Ocean Enhancement

Scotland’s deeper sea habitats are largely unexplored and there is much to learn about habitats such as burrowed mud and cold water coral reefs.  Additionally, Scotland hosts more than 20 whale and dolphins species, many migratory fish species and a range of skates and rays are present in its deeper waters.

Unfortunately deeper sea habitats and species face many pressures. Cetaceans are threatened from noise and chemical pollution, entanglement and collisions and the fragility of deep sea habitats makes them vulnerable to damage and disturbance from a range of activities as well as impacts from climate change including ocean acidification.

To tackle some of these challenges, SMEEF has created the ‘Ocean Enhancement’ theme. This theme will support projects that focus on marine mammals, fish and other ocean species. It will also support projects that are protecting and enhancing deep sea habitats.

Our Ocean Enhancement theme is currently closed. For updates, please register for our newsletter by emailing info@smeef.scot.

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