Why should my company get involved?

The Opportunity 

SMEEF is designed to access NEW money for marine environmental enhancement. We are reaching out to ALL sectors, and their supply chains, who make use of, or have an interest in, the Scottish marine environment and asking them to contribute to our grant pot.

SMEEF presents an unique opportunity to: 

  • Boost the health of our seas, enabling users benefiting from the rich natural marine resource to reinvest in the natural capital so important to them.
  • Support sustainable growth whilst demonstrating businesses commitment to healthier seas. 
  • Build a stronger wellbeing economy for Scotland’s coastal communities and visitors by increasing community capacity to deliver habitat enhancement and improve resilience in the face of climate change.

As a donor you will be invited to be part of the Contributors’ Forum where you can discuss issues of relevance and share your knowledge with SMEEF. We will also feature your logo on our website and reference you in our regular newsletters and in relevant media. You will receive regular updates on progress and we will also be happy to present to your key stakeholders about our work and what your contribution is helping to achieve.

Two women doing a beach clean on a sunny day
Two mean on a boat conducting Oyster Reintroduction

Get Involved

SMEEF needs businesses to come forward and contribute to the grant pot. 

SMEEF will provide your company with:

  • Access to a trustworthy and transparent grant management programme,
  • Unparalleled expertise to drive the programme of enhancement projects,
  • Capacity to make it happen. 

SMEEF is uniquely placed to ensure the greatest positive impact for nature and people. Get in touch now to discuss how your business can become involved.

How much do different organisations pay into SMEEF?

The sizes of organisations involved with SMEEF vary considerably and operational issues, mean their ability to pay into the Fund is also variable.  All donations to the fund are welcome with the aim of establishing a sustainable rolling fund. We welcome multi-year funding, one off contributions or an agreement based on a percentage of profits. 

Photos by ©Marine Conservation Society (Image 1-2) and ©Philip Prince/ (Image 3)

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