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Scottish Marine Environmental Enhancement Fund (SMEEF)

Enabling investment in tangible, effective marine and coastal restoration projects.

SMEEF is a trusted enabler, providing an innovative mechanism to funding projects in the Scottish marine and coastal environment. We facilitate users who benefit from marine ecosystems to voluntarily re-invest in the health and biodiversity of our seas.

SMEEF funds projects that recover, restore or enhance the health of marine and coastal habitats and species from Shetland to the Borders.

SMEEF provides a transparent, robust and effective way for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to healthier seas by reinvesting in these ecosystems.

SMEEF funded projects will safeguard and enhance our marine resource.

SMEEF will help to build a stronger wellbeing economy for Scotland’s coastal communities.

SMEEF will fund research to unlock the best routes to restoration successes.

Core aims

SMEEF intends to be an effective long-running, funding mechanism that will:

  • Help meet the challenges of the climate and biodiversity emergencies,
  • Provide corporate social responsibility opportunities, and
  • Encourage research and development.
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Drone shot of a boat full of people in shallow water

The Fund supports a just transition to net zero through grant-aided projects that enhance the marine ecosystem services we all rely upon, including:

  • Recovery, Restoration and Enhancement of marine and coastal habitat and species, 
  • Marine and coastal nature-based solutions to climate related impacts,
  • Invasive species management,
  • Research which sheds new light on relevant issues and/or makes projects more effective. 

Long term goals

Increased Funding for Marine Restoration

Through private investment

Effective, Informed, Strategic Investment

Science led grant programmes

Solutions Focused Partnerships

Enabling industry to play their part

Positive Change at Scale

Overcoming barriers and supporting impactful projects

Marine Restoration Across Scotland

Many communities, business and individuals are involved in marine restoration across Scotland. The selection of projects on this map have been funded by a range of donors, including the Scottish Government’s Nature Restoration Fund in 2021/22. Click on the pins for a short description and be inspired by the range of exciting projects which are happening around our coastline and in our seas. As more SMEEF funded projects get underway, they will be added to this map.

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  • SMEEF facilitated Nature Restoration Fund 2022/23
  • SMEEF facilitated Nature Restoration Fund 2021/22
  • Existing marine restoration case studies

 Photos by ©Philip Price/ (Images 1-4, 6) and ©Marine Conservation Society (Images 5, 7).

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