SMEEF – Introducing the Restoration Toolkit

Having grant aided more than 50 marine enhancement projects across Scotland, we realise that starting a new project can be a complicated process and additional support is needed for new, and experienced, groups to guide them through the wealth of guidance available so SMEEF have created the ‘Restoration Toolkit’ . 

The toolkit aims to distill the necessary information on running a marine or coastal enhancement project into an easy access format. It encompasses five mains themes: Restoration & Enhancement, Engagement, Permissions, Funding and Monitoring. Under each theme, there are a set of questions and answers accompanied by a list of resources relating to the question.


The five different Restoration Toolkit themes

A unique feature of the toolkit is the personalised checklist. When a user is reading through the information available they can check an item from the resources list and add it to their checklist. The checklist is exportable, meaning that the action points can be shared with your team or you can resume working through your list without the need to renter your selections. The toolkit also includes a glossary.

We are very excited to share the ‘Restoration Toolkit’. It is a live resource so we will update it as new advice or guidance becomes available. If you have any questions or suggestions for new sections or content do get in touch.

Looking into the winter and new year, we have a number of exciting developments in the works that we look forward to sharing with you in due course. Until then, if you would like to ask us anything about our work, or make a contribution to the funding pot please email any time.


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