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Who should I collaborate with?

Working in collaboration with others can be of enormous benefit to your project. There is a wealth of experience, expertise, interest and enthusiasm, often given freely, which can give you energy and direction and help to progress your project. Collaboration can take time but by investing now you can reap the rewards later. Encouraging diversity, accessibility and inclusivity within your project means that everyone is welcomed and valued and has an opportunity to contribute. Have you considered how to engage with the following groups:

  • Academics and other researchers
  • Community groups in the local area
  • Groups of common interest who may be affected or want to get involved
  • People with ‘protected characteristics’ including young people, ethnically diverse groups or people with disabilities.

When it comes to engagement you can think outside the box. You could contact your local diving or kayaking club. You can also reach out to public outreach venues such as museums and visitor centers.

Create a bespoke check list for your project:

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Plan your engagement by looking at the following sources:

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