Another Successful Grant Round with the Nature Restoration Fund

Over the summer, SMEEF had the opportunity to distribute almost £120,000 to marine and coastal enhancement projects across Scotland. The funds, which were allocated to SMEEF via the Nature Restoration Fund, were awarded to nine grantees. Here are the successful projects:

SeaWilding – New work boat

A new MCA-coded work boat to carry out survey work and marine habitat restoration work.

COALAS – Biodiversity baseline survey equipment

Survey equipment to help establish biodiversity baseline in Lochaline project area.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation – Improving the welfare and conservation of cetaceans

To purchase equipment that will enhance Shorewatch data collection and volunteer support.

RSPB – Red-necked phalaropes

Work to create an appropriate habitat mosaic for red-necked phalaropes in Shetland.

Edinburgh Napier University – eDNA flat oyster

To conduct eDNA analysis on samples of the European oyster.

RSPB – Coastal invasive species management

Equipment to remove coastal invasive species in the Firth of Forth, such as Japanese knotweed and Tree mallow.

SAMS – Lost creel fleets addendum

To purchase a Doppler Velocity Logger (DVL), to be used to locate and inspect suspected derelict creel fleets.

RSPB – Port Edgar tern raft

To carry out repairs to and upgrade the tern raft at Port Edgar.

Orkney Skate Trust – Equipment

Equipment to build two BRUV frames and diving survey equipment for monitoring of skate populations in Orkney.

SeaWilding had this to say about receiving SMEEF funding:

“With the acquisition of the MCA-coded boat and the dive-training completed, Seawilding will be in a position to carry out survey work and marine habitat restoration work with greater speed and efficiency. Seawilding is immensely grateful for the assistance received.

SMEEF is delighted to continue to partner with the Nature Restoration Fund and we are excited about the impact these resources will have on the Scottish marine and coastal enhancement.

If you are keen to support our work with a donation please reach out to and as always, we are very grateful to all our existing donors for their support. 

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