Climate Action Coastlines / Loch Fleet

Climate Action Coastlines aims to identify the most appropriate nature-based solutions to protect vulnerable Highland coastlines from increased coastal erosion and flooding. The main target area is Loch Fleet and its saltmarsh habitats, which offer local and national value. This project involves research to understand the current habitat condition, state of biodiversity and the organic carbon that is buried and stored or emitted.

Highland Council was originally awarded £25,000.00 from the SMEEF privately funded grant round. This was our first fully privately financed round made possible by donations from businesses interested in restoring and enhancing Scotland’s coasts and seas. Contributors are listed here. Further funding of £45,798 was made possible by the Nature Restoration Fund, and was used to purchase a portable methane analyser for fieldwork on coastal wetlands to determine greenhouse gas emissions across environmental gradients. For more information about how to contribute to SMEEF contact


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