Red-necked Phalaropes / Fetlar Shetland

RSPB Scotland manage multiple sites for the benefit of Red-necked Phalaropes. Red-necked Phalaropes (RNPs) are seabirds for most of their life, returning to land for a short period to breed. They are rare in the UK and are a red listed bird of conservation concern. To ensure that the Scottish population of RNPs remains buoyant, it is critical that the habitat conditions in Fetlar are carefully managed. RSPB Scotland applied to SMEEF for funding to improve existing pools, create new pools and refine some water control infrastructure to ensure an appropriate habitat mosaic.

RSPB Scotland received £14,043.23 for this work.  This grant round was made possible with funds from the Nature Restoration Fund (NRF). For more information about how to contribute to SMEEF contact

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